The 527 Tribe Mission Trip, Day 1

Published June 11, 2022 by The 7th grade girls: Finley, Gracie, Linden, and Sidney

Our day started bright and early with homemade Texas waffles, then we packed our lunches and loaded up the bus. On the way to our worksite at New Wine Church, we jammed out to some tunes and had a karaoke party.

Today we partnered with Mr. Jose and his son, Mr. George, who are with Hearts4Kids. They gave us instructions and we headed off to build 15 beds for families in the surrounding Colonias. We learned that in the Colonias many of the children sleep on the floor for many years and that we might get the chance to bless them with their very first bed.

We really enjoyed drilling the headboards together using the pattern they gave us and using electric sanders to sand down all of the beds. We also enjoyed the camaraderie granted to us as we worked on our individual tasks for the greater accomplishment. We were a little uncomfortable because of the heat and the hard work, but we worked through it and were happy with the end result.

Before leaving, we piled all of the material for the beds into the trailer so that we can deliver them to their new homes tomorrow. We ended the night with authentic Mexican food and jello, followed by a pool party!