The 527 Tribe Mission Trip, Day 2

Published June 13, 2022 by Jack Fowler and Dakota Navarrete

Today we painted the home of a family from Grace Church in Edinburg, even though some of us have never done anything like that before. You could tell the mom, Ana, was so grateful by the look on her face. 

Mr. Jorge and Mr. George from Hearts4Kids taught us about the community and influenced us to keep serving. We learned about the systemic injustice that exists here and how many people live in extreme poverty along the border. 

We got the opportunity to assemble the beds we built yesterday, in 3 different homes. We also got to meet their children and see firsthand what is it like to live the way they live. Their children were so nice, and they were so helpful to their family. 

One of the houses we went to, it was just a mom and her son and they were so excited to receive a bed because the son was sleeping with his mom. Jacob prayed over the bed and they even translated his prayer into Spanish. One family even bought us Gatorade because they wanted to bless us even though we were there to bless them.