What ways have you found to serve others in your community?

Published August 24, 2020 by SMBC

We moved to NC in January and visited a few churches, but never joined one before the pandemic hit everyone. We live around the corner from our daughter and her family, but they are the only people we know in Charlotte...because of the pandemic, we've not met any of our neighbors. I?m not sure our daughter and her husband knew they were going to become our new BFFs, but because of the way things have been the past 6 months, it's sort of turned out that way.

As mask wearing has become a way of life, I began sewing masks for my family and eventually ran out of elastic. After finding many places sold out on an internet search, sewing masks came to a halt. I expressed this frustration to some people and a few weeks later a huge spool of elastic arrived on my doorstep. I still don't know who this sweet person was that had this elastic sent to me, but if it's anyone reading this...I thank you!!

After tuning in to SMBC on Sundays, listening to Steve's great sermons, worshiping with all of you and listening and reading how so many of you, in particular Beth Watson, are reaching out to help those around you in need, I decided I needed to do something in my neighborhood. I posted an announcement in our local Nextdoor newsletter that if anyone was in need of a mask, I had been making some and would be happy to share. The next morning I heard from a lady that was and had been in the hospital for about a week. She has three children that needed masks before they started school the next week, and she had been concerned about locating some for them. I was a little concerned with this first response that I might have bitten off more than I could chew wondering if there would be many more in our neighbor like her responding. However, she has been the only person I've heard from, so God's timing and plans once again work in ways I never expect. I sent pictures of my masks to my new BFF and told her to choose the ones she wanted.

A few days after that, another neighbor posted a sign up list to provide meals for my new bff when she got out of the hospital. I signed up to make a meal and used that time to deliver masks along with the meal. I've not officially met her, as she is confined to bed and needs to be careful with whom she comes in contact. Two of her sweet children helped get the food from my car into their house.

She was very grateful and wrote the sweetest note in Nextdoor about the meal and the masks. I?m thankful for all of you setting the example for me and for God providing an opportunity to be His hands and feet. Thank you!

If you need a mask, let me know...I have plenty of elastic and will be happy to share!