South Main Youth Mission Trip, Day 1

Published June 11, 2022 by Noah, Saige, and Ben

After a long bus ride yesterday, our group arrived at our hotel, appreciative of the fact we could finally sleep in a bed, rather than bumpy bus seats.

The next day we woke up, ate breakfast, and had a devotional led by JT Spoede, where we read Matthew 5. We rode into Shaw, where we saw a town way different than Houston.

We entered into a rustic building, titled "Delta Hands for Hope." There we introduced ourselves to the children seated by round tables, all attending a day program hosted by DHH. We then split into groups—one dedicated to organizing, others for building and painting shelves, and others for caring for and hanging out with the children. We got to lead several games and activities with the kids, their favorite being freeze tag. 

Later, we were blessed with an amazing lunch of hamburgers and chips with Capri Sun. Afterwards, we organized sanitary products and food to distribute to the families in Shaw the following day.

Near the end, we all tried to help finish a hard puzzle depicting a house surrounded by greenery, which many complained about. "It all looks the same!" and "Where does this go?!" and "We're never going to finish!" were shouted aloud—all in all, making today a memorable first day. Plus, we had air conditioning.