The Youth Mission Trip to Puerto Rico

Published July 5, 2023 by Saige Jurek

When we arrived at the airport in Puerto Rico it was smoldering hot, so hot in fact you could probably cook an egg on the sidewalk, even though it was like 10:30pm. We loaded up into the vans and eventually, after a long day, got to go to bed. I had the best roommates ever! I was with Kiran, Vivian, Jessie, Olivia, and Suzann. A definite highlight of the trip was my room because everyone knew when it was time to go to bed or settle down. I got to work on both of the houses the week I was there. We were painting the exteriors of both, and I got to get to know the leaders so much better. Another highlight I remember was getting to meet Lane! He is so cool and was so nice and funny to me, and I was always laughing if I was sitting with him. Lane was also my family group leader, so I got to know him well, and I really loved our family group of Andrew, Clayton, Sidney, Jack Fowler, Carleigh and Jacob. We were called the Yellow Bellow Mellow Fellows and we won the lip synch competition!

I also really enjoyed getting home cooked meals for almost mealtimes and I loved spending time with the other youth. I had great ice cream, and an amazing kayak experience, even though there were giant spiders and I screamed. All in all, I am so grateful I got to grow the connections between the leaders, like the one and only Suzann and Mr. Rader, and the youth, but my connection to God grew as well. I really loved Amy's devotionals every night and I don't think I'll ever forget our verse for the week: Isaiah 52:7. I feel like we as a youth group really shared the good news in Puerto Rico, and the memories will never leave.