The Agape Community is for those in who are single, married but with a spouse not attending SMBC, divorced, or widowed. This group seeks to care for one another as family while studying and growing in God’s Word.


Graceland community is a warm fellowship of South Mainers mostly in midlife, many with children in college and young adulthood.


While open to all, the Lighthouse community is tailored for those with children in middle school and high school, or young adulthood. You are invited to share life with friends who seek to follow God’s call amidst life’s challenges.

Chafin's New Beginnings

This community, named in memory of former South Main Pastor Ken Chafin, enjoys lessons thoughtfully developed around books of the Bible and spiritual topics, with lively discussion and contributions from community members. 

Fellowship of Young Families

The Fellowship of Young Families community is just that—younger families with children mainly, though not exclusively, in grade school. 


IMOT ("In Memory Of Thad") is a tight-knit small group of couples in midlife with grown children, who formed a Sunday school community to memorialize a friend and former South Mainer who died of cancer at a young age. The group enjoys discussion-oriented Bible study on a rotating series of topics.


The Compass community is a diverse group of mostly median adults, including an eclectic mix of long-time members of South Main and many new members who are finding a home within our church family. This is a great community for anyone, regardless of life station of marital status.


The Fellowship community is a close-knit group of South Mainers mostly in their 50s and 60s.